Bipartisan Measure Recognizes Critical Role of Technology Office



With the help of Speaker Benjamin Cruz and Senator William Castro, Senator Tommy Morrison is moving forward with legislation to finally establish the Office of Technology (OTECH) as an agency of the government of Guam. Bill 168-34 (COR) transfers OTECH personnel, funding, facilities, equipment, and obligations from the Department of Administration (DOA) to the newly recognized agency.


In 2013 Senator Morrison authored P.L. 32-10 which created OTECH, including the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “The legislature’s decision in 2013 to situate OTECH within DOA was necessary as the new CTO position would first need to be filled. It was envisioned at the time that the CTO, who’s subject to the advice and consent of the legislature, would develop a clear path towards a more centralized information technology bureau for the government of Guam – as we have for budgetary and planning matters with the Bureau of Budget and Management Research and the Bureau of Statistics and Plans, respectively,” Senator Morrison commented. “Although it took more than two years to identify a qualified and experienced candidate, the 32nd and subsequent legislatures ensured that funding for OTECH was allocated separate from DOA.”


With the confirmation of Mr. Frank Lujan, Jr. as CTO in 2015, the office continues the difficult but necessary task of integrating technology across public services. OTECH continues to work on various initiatives including the modernization of agency websites; upgrades to, and security of, public safety telecommunications network; Department of Revenue and Taxation – Online Filing and Payment Services Initiative; Real ID Homeland Security Program; Department of Public Health and Social Services – Telemedicine Cooperative with Good Samaritan Hospital; Electronic Health Records Initiative; Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center – One-Stop Services Center Initiative; Department of Administration – Financial System Upgrades and Modernization Initiative; and Customs and Quarantine Agency of Guam – Services Automation Initiative.


“OTECH is a member of the government of Guam family and it’s time for the legislature to finally recognize this fact. Bill 168-34 (COR) may be technical in nature, but it’s certainly an important step forward in our work to change how things are done. There’s just so much more to do to help employees across this government move beyond antiquated systems that are inefficient and susceptible to cyber threats. With the appropriate resources, I have no doubt that Team OTECH will continue to ensure that taxpayers are better served as costly and time-consuming processes are eliminated,” concluded Senator Morrison.


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