Morrison Urges Colleagues to Act on Fiscal Realignment Plan



March 07, 2018


Morrison Urges Colleagues to Act on Fiscal Realignment Plan    

Financial Crisis Requires Senators to Put Solutions Before 2018 Elections     



Despite having spent the past couple of weeks debating different proposals offered by the governor to address the $67 million budget shortfall in FY 2018, I Liheslatura has failed to act on any of the solutions presented by Adelup. With no resolution of its own, the 34th Guam Legislature continues to ignore requests by GMHA for much-needed funding and has allowed several police and fire stations to shut down, GDOE to consider closing several schools, 40 families to be impacted by the termination of Limited Term Appointments, and our government to be placed on Credit Watch with Negative Implications by S&P Global Ratings.


“Rather than coming up with serious options that will help stabilize public services in the face of a $67 million budget shortfall, this legislature has decided to remain idle – waiting for the next police or fire station to shut down, or employee to be furloughed, school to close, and loan to go unpaid. Handing over our responsibilities as decision makers to Adelup may seem like a great campaign strategy for politicians who are more worried about the elections later this year than the crisis we’re facing today, but this is absolutely wrong on so many levels! No senator should be allowed to run and hide from their responsibilities – no matter how tough things get,” stated Senator Morrison.


“While the governor is doing what needs to be done at the executive branch level to manage cash on a daily basis, this legislature must do its part to convene budget meetings as soon as possible and take action on the Fiscal Realignment Plan (FRP) which the governor submitted since February 26, 2018. Based on the $67 million shortfall resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the FRP decreases the adopted revenue and appropriation levels contained in P.L. 34-42 (FY 2018 Budget Law) for agencies and programs supported by the General Fund.”


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