Morrison Urges GDOE to Consider Alternatives to Closing Schools; Seeks Details on Costs Savings and Enrollment from Previous School Closure



February 17, 2018


With discussions already taking place concerning the possible closure of certain public schools, particularly those located in southern villages, Senator Tommy Morrison sent a letter to Superintendent Jon Fernandez requesting whether the closure of the former F.Q. Sanchez Elementary School resulted in costs savings or reprogramming of funds – and if ALL students from the campus were subsequently absorbed by Merizo Martyrs Memorial School.


The closure of F.Q. Sanchez Elementary School was recommended by Evergreen Solutions, LLC which performed a Management and Curriculum Audit of GDOE. According to the company’s Final Report dated April 13, 2009, GDOE understood that in order to succeed in its mission, in the face of continuing economic constraints impacting operations and management, the school system will have to become more efficient and effective than ever before.


“While I understand the closure and/or consolidation of schools, particularly those located in the south, are only options currently on the table, I’m mindful of the negative social and economic consequences these options may bring if these plans aren’t carefully considered prior to implementation. I believe the closure of F.Q. Sanchez Elementary School may have been the only recommendation by Evergreen Solutions, LLC to be fully (and quickly) implemented. I also don’t believe that additional options such as the transition to a charter school model, or transfer of administrative responsibilities to a qualified non-profit organization, were thoroughly evaluated,” stated Senator Morrison.


“The closure of a campus, as in the case of F.Q. Sanchez Elementary School, doesn’t just affect GDOE’s finances; such a decision has the power to break the heart, soul, and history of a school family and community.”


For additional information regarding this press release, please contact Senator Morrison’s office at 478-8669 or send an e-mail to


Attachment:             2.16.18 TAM letter to GDOE


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