Responsible Transition of Non-Highway Priorities to General Fund Proposed



October 3, 2017


Responsible Transition of Non-Highway Priorities to General Fund Proposed

Morrison works to strengthen Highway Fund; free up resources for more village road repairs


Senator Tommy Morrison has introduced Bill 192-34 (COR) to ensure that proceeds in the Guam Highway Fund are no longer used for non-highway/non-transportation related activities. Moreover, the measure requires the Guam Legislature to reassign approximately $2.8 million every year for the next three fiscal years in non-highway/non-transportation support from the Guam Highway Fund to the General Fund, effective October 1, 2018. If enacted, an additional $8.4 million would be available, annually, to fund village road repairs.


Funds previously used to support obligations unrelated to village road repairs will then be made available to the Department of Public Works for additional road repairs pursuant to the Guam Village Streets Master Plan. Funding, however, will be prioritized to first address the three priority projects as updated by village mayors and approved by the Director of Public Works. Based on the last repair list submitted by village mayors, $14.5 million is needed to pay for at least the top three road projects of each village.


Unfortunately, a significant portion of the Guam Highway Fund, which is supported by the liquid fuel tax, associated surcharge and fees, continues to be used for non-highway obligations. According to the Office of Public Accountability, the Fund received approximately $20 million in FY 2016 with a little more than half of that amount committed for highway and transportation related services provided by DPW ($6.4M), Guam Regional Transit Authority ($2.7M), DOA for village street lights ($1.2M), and for the Public Transit Fund ($333k). Remaining funds were used to support non-highway and non-transportation related commitments involving DOE ($4.7M), the General Fund ($2.3M), Mayors Council of Guam ($2.1M), Better Public Service Fund ($955K), and UOG and GCC ($779K).


“Absent a responsible transition of support for non-highway/non-transportation related obligations from the Guam Highway Fund to the General Fund, it will continue to be difficult for the government of Guam to fix more roads. With Bill 192-34 (COR), the 34th Guam Legislature is dead serious about strengthening the Guam Highway Fund moving forward. This measure ensures that a lock box is in place to protect proceeds from being used for anything other than road construction projects,” concluded Senator Morrison.


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