Senator Morrison: Elections Are About Real Issues, NOT Campaign Fluff



Voters More Concerned About Ideas, Not Size or Quantity of Campaign Signs     


Senator Tommy Morrison continued his push during today’s public hearing on Bill 138 for a more responsible approach when it comes to regulating political signs. Unfortunately, Guam becomes inundated with political signs every two years as campaigns are free to put up as many signs as they wish – billboards that create a safety risk to motorists, pedestrians and road maintenance personnel if not property installed and maintained.


Initially, Bill 138 required that Guam’s political signs law be applied to both public and private property. The original proposal would’ve restricted political signs on public property located in Guam’s main tourist district and connecting roadways, establish a cap on the number of signs candidates and political organizations may install on public property, limit the period signs may be posted on private property to 60 days prior to a special or general election, and require that the maximum size for signs on private property be set at 4’ x 8’. However, Senator Morrison will work closely with Senator Tom Ada, oversight committee chair, to prepare a substitute version of Bill 138 which would prohibit campaign signs on public property. The suggestion was made by former Senator Robert Klitzkie at today’s public hearing. The updated measure would also limit the size of political signs on private property.


“As elected officials, senators and other politicians who’ve put up signs are all partly responsible for making our roads and shoulders unsafe and unsightly during past elections. Moving forward, it’s important for us to improve the way political signs are regulated so that we ensure the safety of all Guamanians – and make certain that our time, energy and limited campaign resources are focused on engaging families regarding real issues, not campaign fluff,” stated Senator Morrison.


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