Senators pass 8 bills


By Nestor Licanto | KUAM


Friday was voting day at the legislature, and eight bills were passed. One of the approved measures, by Senator Tommy Morrison, prohibits political campaign signs on public rights of way. But it still allows candidates to hold signs, and wave along the roadways. Another election reform bill was not voted on though.


Bill 45 would relieve the Guam Election Commission from conducting primary elections, and leave it up to the political parties.  Sponsor, Senator Joe S. San Agustin, says taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot that bill. But questions were raised about an amendment, as discussed by Senator Jim Espaldon.


“So by deleting this section,” said Espaldon, “that had some amendments to it in the bill we’re supposed to vote on. If we do delete it then bottom line what stays in place is the law that’s in existence now. But to answer the senators question, because this is non partisan, the top two vote getters would go on to the general.”


Senator San Agustin says the amendment was simply to correct a section having to do with unintended runoff elections for the public auditor and the attorney general. He says he will push  to get another public hearing as soon as possible so that the bill can possibly make the agenda for next month’s legislative session.


Supporters say the measure would save the GEC more than $400,000.  Opponents say any savings would be lost because of the likelihood of a gubernatorial run-off election.


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